What is ORIO?

ORIO is a universal progressive currency built for stability by increasing value over time. It is a radical digital asset based on DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) data structure.

ORIO can be a convenient medium of exchange system where you can transact or swap directly from DCP's available in your location, making it the world's most reliable currency for all.

How Is ORIO used?

Fast, stable, more secure than any other digital currency. Leveraging the power of innovative technology, ORIO focuses on unleashing the financial value to transform savings. Central banks and financial institutions worldwide can access our technology.

How Does ORIO work?

ORIO Network is built on our Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) on top of the Google Cloud Platform, members can take advantage of all the features offered by the Google Cloud Platform.

By leveraging our open-source ORIO DAG platform, DLT networks can be easily created and managed. A 1% transaction fee is charged, but this fee paid is recirculated back into the system to provide members with meaningful savings.

The CaaS (Currency as a Service) solution allows all centralized systems to be easily integrated into one another where global banks can deploy their own CBDCs seamlessly. In this way, our technology can be utilized by any central bank and financial institution around the world. With a stable medium of exchange and a smart contract, ORIO creates a new opportunity for financial services innovation.

Benefits of Orio Currency

Unlimited Transactions in a sec


Handle Transactions of greater scale


Stable technology and growth like no other

No Mining

Cost-effective and eco-friendly

Global Reserve Currency
Scalable progressive currency for universal adoption

ORIO is an ideal progressive currency for central banks and other financial institutions preparing for investments, transactions, and savings. ORIO is a more scalable, secure, and more stable ecosystem built on top of the Google cloud platform. ORIO is digital money focused on savings on the internet similar to Bitcoin and lets you control funds from ORIO wallet.

What is new about the global Reserve currency?

There are many cryptocurrencies and stable coins, but there are some things you can only do with ORIO's universal Global Research Currency.


ORIO has a unique approach to security protocols to secure your networks and blockchains from day one of deployment.


ORIO pioneers advanced technology for lightning-fast settlement of funds and automatic swaps while powering trust.

Access to Innovation

Operate your digital currency with 100% uptime and secure transaction of multiplying value to unleash financial service innovation